Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thing 13 - Tagging

This Thing is a look at tagging. Tagging is a way of saving your websites, pictures blogs or anything else you find on the web and giving them your own catagories i.e. Tags. Tagging allows you to organize your date anyway you want with any connections you want. We already have this ability in Internet Exploer by saving a site and putting it in a folder. But that is limiting; you can only access those bookmarks from that computer, you can put a bookmark in more that one folder but that can get real messy. If you ever find yourself at work or at a friends house trying to find a web site you know you have book marked on your computer, then Tags are for you.

I really do think tagging has a place in the library. If our patrons do use tagging in their online life, why disconnect them in the library. Any tags I create are for my personal use and will not interfer with anyone else. It is not different from creating specific bibliographies. Just easier and more personal.

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