Friday, August 14, 2009

Think 20: YouTube

YouTube is a hot site. It is composed of user-submitted videos that can be no longer than 10 minutes long and 2 GB. YouTube uses Adobe Flash to play the videos.
Any and every kind of video can be found here from cute animals to how to videos or science lessons.
I first used it to see the funny and weird videos and thought of it as a place where teens spend hours watching others be silly. I then discovered that one of my favorite art instructions had several videos on YouTube, I found his videos as well as several made by other people watching his demonstrations. It is now the first place I come to learn how to do anything including using a new kitchen appliance, ActiveInspire, how to crochet flowers and much more.

In the library I would love to make book trailers and technology how to videos. However with YouTube being blocked by the district I probably will not spend my time there. But I will continue to use it as a great resource at home.

Looking though some library related videos I found that public libraries are making great use of YouTube.It is great free publicity. There are some videos that have great quality and have had some thought and editing put it. However just letting a camera run and then uploading it to YouTube doesn't always make for an interesting video. A video needs good light a quality, and good sound, a fuzzy picture with poor sound is just anoying.

What I really love is some of the book trailers make by the fans, they are great and so creative. They really show the protential for student work. I also found a book trailer for The Graveyard narriated by the author Neil Gaiman. How cool is that!

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