Friday, August 14, 2009

Think 21: Podcasts

My last post discussed YouTube with focuses on video this post will discuss Podcasts which audio files that use a web feed such as RSS, like blogs. Podcasts do not requrie and IPod You can listen to podcasts on your computer, mp3 player, or other audio devices.

Teachers can use podcasts in many ways. Studens or teachers can make booktalks, record lessons, class instructions.

The Education Podcast Network is a resource full of education related Podcasts.

The Library Success Wiki page has some great tools for "publishing" podcasts under its "How to Podcast" section.

I have listened to "Twilight Series Theories" with is a podcasts by a teacher and her sister. It keeps me listening because:
Their personalities come through, they are having fun
They stay on task
The sound quality is very good
They have a format and I know what to expect.
They have a good length.

I have listened to other Twilight Podcasts but they never hold my interest, in those podcasts many times they:
get off topic
have sound problems
are unprepared which leaves gaps
go too long, you have to know when to stop.

I would like to try podcasts as a way to promote library events - like a radio comerical. This would be a great way to get students involved. It is also a good way for students to publish writing. I want to see if a podcasts can be placed on our schools web site. I'm sure I can embed them in the library Wiki

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