Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aviary Tools

Aviary is a great site with several applications.  It is more advanced that many of the others discussed in this blog. 
Aviary has 6 applications, most of them work in Internet Explorer, but they work better when using Firefox.
1. Image Editor - This is similary to Photoshop, it used layers and many other editing tools.  It also have very good tutorials that walk you through a project.  I may finally understand layers. Of the 6 applications this one is the easiest to use.
2. Image Markup - Use Falcon and Talon to quickly capture images and web pages from your browser and crop, resize or mark them up. I tried using Falcon with Internet Explorer and it would not work.  I did not try with Firefox, but I am sure it will work with Firefox.
3. Effects Ediors - This is definate an advanced application, but I bet some of the high school students that like to work with graphics would love it.
4. Myna - audio remixer - Use Myna to remix music tracks and audio clips. Apply sound effects and record your own voice or instruments!
5. Vector Editor - Another more advanced tool -Use Raven to create fully scalable vector art appropriate for logos or tee shirt designs.
6. Swatch Editor - Used alone or in conjunction with our other creation tools, Toucan gives you the features you need to inject color into your creative process.   This is something I will use if I need an html color code.  I can't do html, but I can find a color and put a new code in its place.